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We know that each client’s individual situation is unique and we will guide you through the best options available under the circumstances. After gaining a thorough understanding of each client’s given situation, timeframes and goals, we strive to provide the best option, personalized for each client, with the value and efficiency our clients have come to expect.

Today’s business landscape is full of obstacles. An effective risk management and legal strategy can be the difference between a thriving profitable business and one that is burdened with unnecessary problems.  Many of issues often require strategic legal planning and execution to properly and proactively prevent the potential pitfalls that can be both financially burdensome and time consuming.  

Permanent visas can be attained through a variety of processes including, but not limited to, family-based immigration, employment-based immigration, investor visas, or humanitarian status. Temporary visas are available for work and travel.  In addition, businesses, employees or prospective employees and others have a range of options for entering the U.S. on a permanent or temporary basis, many of which are highly complex. For an organization without legal experience with immigration matters, navigating the immigration process can be difficult and highly inefficient and it is essential to work with an experienced legal team that can help you through the process and prevents unnecessary complications.

One of our primary focuses in this arena is the set up and advising of clients who wish to use a business to obtain an immigration benefit.  As displayed in this site, there are a number of visas that are based on businesses being properly set up and managed to be profitable and in compliance with immigration laws and regulations. The Murtaz Law Group will not only help set up and advise your business but will also make sure it complies with the USCIS standards and requirements that are necessary to obtain and, if necessary, renew, the visa type you are seeking.   

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