We are here to help you to overcome legal business obstacles.

An effective risk management and legal strategy can be the difference between a thriving profitable business and one that is burdened with unnecessary problems.

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Corporate Structuring
and Financing

Starting a company means getting the right structure and capital to maximize the probability of success. The right structure can save you money and protect you from unnecessary liability.

 Operating or Partnership

Successful companies lay out the specifics of the business and what is expected of each member or partner. By having a signed agreement, you minimize disagreements, confusions, save time and money.

Business Set up
for Immigration

Some investor visas are available for people who would like to set up businesses in the US. We can help you through the entire process and let you know what is needed for each step to set it up properly.


Minimizing this risk is essential to a long term successful business. Your business strategy needs to be in line with your legal strategy to keep you ahead of the game and allow you to spend time on your core business.

and Agreements

Whether buying a business or franchise or starting a new one, all businesses need effective contracts and agreements to ensure that their customers and vendors know what to expect and to minimize their own liability.

Our attorneys speak Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu, and Gujrati

We have worked with international clients and businesses on a variety of these matters. Understanding that business does not always work the same way everywhere in the world is essential in helping our clients achieve the results they desire, often with cross-border and multi-lingual implications.

These are only a few of the many services that we can provide.

• Business Set up for Immigration
• Contracts and Agreements
• Risk Assessment

We understand that each business is different, so after a thorough analysis and understanding of what your personal and business goals are, we craft a unique strategy that, not only is fully customized to your needs but offers a variety of different options to accommodate to what your current needs are.

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